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Girltrash! – bigger and better?

by MoonCake

I know it’s relatively old, but I’m wondering if anyone remembers Girltrash!, the online webisodes that were a little bit cringy but far too good to miss. Hell, they were only about 3 minutes long but they did leave you wanting to know more. With a cast teeming with lesbian icons, such as Amber Benson and Margaret Cho (and a few other surprises), it’s no wonder that us dykes were going gaga over a tiny, mostly black and white clip every week. And there were only about 9 episodes!

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, it’s set in the criminal underworld of LA. The girls kick-ass as well as the boys, if not better. Violence and strong language abound but I’m sure you’re all as used to it as I am. If you liked Bound, you should be salivating.

Because I have some good news. Word has it that an actual film will be coming out and the filming will start this year! I’m hoping it will have some sort of budget behind it to make it into the cool film that I can see it being. But to be honest I’ll be watching it regardless. Prepare yourself to be trashed… by girls. I can’t wait.

Watch the 12 minute clip at http://www.myspace.com/girltrashy

girltrash mugshot