Posted January 27, 2012 by in CULTURE

Hey Girl, It’s Rachel Maddow: The Tumblr that’s driving us crazy right now

by Petit Fours

Sometimes the best things in the world happen on Tumblr. Well the teen-filled photo blogging platform has come up with the goods again. We’re going pretty nuts for Tumblog ‘Hey Girl, It’s Rachel Maddow‘, because well, a) we go nuts for Rachel Maddow, and b) omg I loved that Feminist Ryan Gosling one but totally would take Rachel over Ryan aaaaaany day and c) it informs us about American politics . ONLY JOKING.  But I’m glad American politics happens so that she can be all clever and shit about it. Brains, wit a sense of civic responsibility, and those big brown eyes…..  I’ll take this elsewhere.

You guys – go check out the rest of the pictures on this great blog:

[I stole this from Leyla on Facebook, thanks Leyla, you made my day girl, etc]

Coming hot on the heels of Shit Straight Girls Say to Lesbians, it’s been a pretty rocking month for Lesbian Internet memes. I can’t believe we haven’t written about her more but anyway.