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The Most Cake// Art Party… meet the artists – Joanna Scotcher

by Lemon Tart

So, time for artist number two… Joanna Scotcher is a super talented London-based set and costume designer, who’s creating the installation pieces for our party on Saturday.

Read on, dear readers, read on…

How you got started?

I had a flashdance moment at an early age and learnt to weld – the little sculptures I was making at art school started to become these big steel structures and expand until I realised I could make spaces large enough to fit people inside of them… these were my first sets I think. I started to go see every last play/opera/dance I could- An utter revelation to me. I knew creating performance is what I had to do.

How long have you been in the biz?

I spent a year as the assistant designer at The Royal Shakespeare Company, a bizarre but pretty inspiring time – since then I have been designing and making my own sets for nearly three years now. As well as studios and theatres, I make work in basements, caravans, railway sheds, clubs, debating chambers… anywhere that inspires a story.

Inches Apart. Old Vic New Voices @ Theatre 503


Half built lift shafts, narratives, Ralph Koltai, abandoned opulence, Richard Serra, my friends, accidental spaces, Sandy Skoglund, metal next to concrete, Jenny Murray, untold histories, picture books…

Notable achievements?

Surviving this far? This summer I’m opening a show in Waterloo International Railway Station – we are converting the abandoned Eurostar terminal into a theatre space and driving a 40 tonne train through the middle of the audience – this excites me.

What is art to you?

Doing it slightly differently.

If could meet any artist dead or alive who would it be?

The Marina Abramović “the grandmother of performance art” (This is an awesome clip…)

If you were a cake what would you be and why?

A plum crumble of course.

You can see more of Jo’s work here and her pieces at our party on Saturday….