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The Most Cake & London Rollergirls present: a cinema screening of ‘Gang Girls Trilogy’. Join us Saturday 14th April at Hackney Picturehouse!

by Kendal Mint Cake

Following the success of last year’s screening of ‘Desert Hearts’ at the Rio Cinema Dalston as part of Fringe! East London Gay Film Fest, TMC are proud to curate another event at this year’s Fringe! And this year, we’ve got Rollergirls!

Surf gang, credit Katrina Del Mar

Let’s hit the surf gals!

It’s been a while since the last TMC party, so why not come hang out in the recently refurbished Hackney Picturehouse bar and flirt with/stare at some of your fellow readers? This time we will be joined by the London Rollergirls, (WHOOP) who will be clad in their roller-gear and warpaint, and infusing a little grrl energy and waxing lyrical about all things derby.

Heading to the cinema ladies?

It’s going to be a high-energy, late night Saturday screening on 14th April. Cinema like you never saw it before..

What is the ‘Gang Girls Trilogy’?

The ‘Gang Girls Trilogy’ is the brainchild of NYC based filmmaker Katrina Del Mar. The films are shot on a combination of HD Video and Super 8 (ahh, the warm grainy comfort of vintage film), on a low budget (isn’t everything?) and starring lots of her super-hot super-queer friends. Katrina Del Mar has been on our radar for a few years, since we interviewed her about one of the trilogy, ‘Hell on Wheels: Gang Girls Forever,’ in 2010.

She describes her films as ‘outrageous, underground fantasies’ about the famous girl gangs of NYC, with a humorous, feminist slant and a queer sensibility. Del Mar provides the basic framework of each film and her stars work with what they’re given on the day. Some of them are actors and some are just quick-witted friends with a knack for improv.

Gang Girls, Katrina del Mar

You mean The Most Cake is collaborating with the London Roller Girls..?

Why did TMC and the London Rollergirls pick Gang Girls for the Fringe! East London Gay Film Festival?

The films are all about DIY, grassroots mayhem. That goes for the plot, the filmmaking process, the whole thing. So what if we don’t have any money? Let’s just do this anyway! That’s how TMC and Fringe! East London Gay Film Festival first came about. How often do you see films packed with queer women made by queer women? Not enough- so we’re showing you some. The London Rollergirls are our capital’s very own girl gang- they’re the real deal; organised, passionate and inclusive. And they’re all hard as nails and in for the ride.

In the for the ride…

Will my favourite Rollergirl be there?

Probably. And if she isn’t, your favourite Jeerio will be there doing a cheer before the films start! The London Rollergirls will be in the Hackney Picturehouse foyer, skating around listening to metal and chatting about the derby. We’re hosting a Q&A with five of their key players to talk about how they got started, what they love about derby and why they can’t stop smashing into one another. You can read more about them here: http://themostcake.co.uk/we-like/rollergirls-the-big-question/. They’ll also be selling LRG themed merch in the foyer and we will be showing two London Rollergirls themed shorts before the main event, to compare and contrast with Katrina Del Mar’s leather-heavy masterworks.

So, grab your bike/rollerskates/surfboard/wheelchair/the-Ford-your-mum-insured-you-on, don a leather shirt and get down to the Hackney Picturehouse on Saturday 14th April for TMC’s screening of Katrina Del Mar’s ‘Gang Girls Trilogy’, in conjunction with the London Rollergirls for Fringe! East London Gay Film Festival.

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