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Gay and single? Say it on your t-shirt: American clothes brand will help you get picked up

by Petit Fours

You can sometimes guess if a woman is gay from her clothes, but it’s a risky game, particularly with hipsters being like they are.. But an enterprising American called Jacqui wants to take the strain off our gaydar and make it all much easier to pinpoint the gays. Not quite in a “Nobody knows I’m a Lesbian” way but along the same lines. Just with subtler t-shirt design.

The gay and single fashionwear range

Jacqui has made a range of “gay and single” fashionwear.

So if you can’t tell from the simmering glances and soft mouthings of “come hither” that the woman in the shop wants you to come over and start murmuring sweet nothings in her ear, you should be able to tell from the olive tank top she’s wearing with GSL written on it. “GSL” stands for Gay&Single Life and it means you are in with a chance. And yes there is also a messenger bag and a doggie t-shirt. In the case of the doggie t-shirt, the “gay and single” should be taken as referring to you, not your dog*.

It’s a bit like real-life Grindr – or something.

We came across the Gay & Single Life fashion range at a stall at Brooklyn Pride. We talked to stall-holder Lisa about why her partner Jacqui started up Gay & Single . Lisa explained:

“Jacqui was in a restaurant one day, she met this woman, they looked at each other across the room like  we do when we meet somebody that we find attractive. But she was concerned about knowing whether the woman was single and also whether she was gay, so they looked at each other but she never had the nerve to ask her or ask her out because she wasn’t sure if she was gay or not.

“So she thought, wouldn’t it be great to come up with a symbol of some sort to let other people know? Just something that could be fashionable  that you could wear in everyday life – so you could let people know – especially if you’re not part of the bar scene.”

TMC: So it’s a bit like the traffic light parties you get in clubs?
Lisa: “Yes but it’s not just for clubs. It’s actually a big deal if you’re not part of the bar scene. And there’s a lot of people, especially if you’re past a certain age where you’re not part of the bar scene and if you’re older/too young for it or just not that personality type, it makes it difficult unless you live in a very gay area to meet somebody.

TMC: It’s quite a subtle design – no rainbows..
Lisa: “It’s very subtle so that it is fashionably disguised in the clothing. We have a belt-buckle, a messenger bag, we have a doggy shirt – so you can walk your dog and still let people know.”

They have a couple of success stories on the website. This is our favourite one, it’s actually a man’s:

“Living in the middle of the United States is not the same as New York City. Being gay is not as accepted and meeting someone is not as easy. As a gay man I am not able to meet other gay men. Sometimes while in a store, or even at the grocery store, I would catch the eye of someone that seemed into me, only to wonder, was he gay too and thought I was hot?

I actually bought the GS symbol at a fair, never thinking in a million years someone here would recognize it. But he did. He was visiting his college roommate from NY and saw the GS symbol at a fair and decided to try it out.

Who would know someone would notice me wearing it, and I would notice him. Well, it was meant to be. Brian and I cant believe how it easy it was to meet each other. It was at a local dog park, but we would have never known had it not been for our GS apparel. This is really promising for our community!”

[>> was his roomate a dog?]

If you’re into the idea, the website is here. Unfortunately they don’t do international orders at this time, but I’m sure you could email in and ask them. To be honest we’re up for trying anything that works.

If you want something a bit less subtle, we recommend Zazzle’s range of Telling-You-What-The-Fuck-Is-Going-On t-shirts. Like the one below.

And yes I am available on Thursday night

I don’t know if you’ve been watching Angry Boys, by Chris Lilley, but there’s a Japanese brand called Gay Style in it. This reminds me of that. Just with fewer cock-shaped water bottles.

*Tragically I can’t find any pictures of the doggie shirt.