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Friday Fancy… Flight of the Conchords

by Sticky Toffee Pudding

There are a variety of things in this world that I love. My mother for example, or that selection pack of Green and Blacks chocolate (have you tried the butterscotch – it is delish!)  However, very few can compare when it comes to the genius that is Flight of the Concords, these guys have my complete and utter devotion. Put simply – they rule!

With their witty and often acute observations and subtle commentary on a variety of issues, FOTC have broken some pretty new ground in comedy. Their humour is a unique blend of bizarreness, the ridiculous and intelligence, all brewed to perfection. Throw in some slamming tunes and you’ve got yourself a whole heap of awesomeness.

The ladies love the feel of the wheel don't they fellas…

The thing that makes them so great is that despite the stupidity of their lyrics they are in fact amazingly talented, comfortable with a variety of instruments and cross a range of musical styles. In their show you see them parody just about every defining musical artist from David Bowie right down to R Kelly, capturing the signature sounds of each genre along the way.

FOTC are by no means new and I thought I’d pretty much devoured every clip of them on Youtube many moons ago. (You know how it is; you discover something, get really excited and proceed to exhaust it to the point of sensory overload.) So imagine my surprise when, whilst having a little FOTC renaissance, (one needs to keep one’s love burning strong) I stumbled across this gem the other day.  To end your working week with some quality LOL time and quite simply because we at TMC also love to do a little something special for the ladies out there I thought it my civic duty to share it with you all. Please Observe.