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Pass Equal Marriage quickly, before I have to listen to any more mad bigots

I AM thrilled that it looks like gay marriage, equal marriage, will pass through Parliament and become law in Britain, but having gay relationships at the centre of this protracted, bitter, political debate is exhausting.

It’s not just like being a political football. There are rules in football. This is like being a football in a formless roiling scrum with every other person in the UK making runs at you and the quality of your interpersonal relationships with boots, hockey sticks and an opinion about the validity of the wife/husband you don’t yet have.

Opening Twitter there is a storm of mealy mouthed anti-gay commentary, countered by liberal crusaders galloping in on white horses to call everyone bigots on our behalf, enraging all the original haters who write even worse stuff back, this zips back and forth at about 100 tweets a minute till it all dissolves in a rising FLOOD of rage.













And then all these real terrifying bigots – sometimes with political power – start floating to the surface and you get all these horrif opinions retweeted sometimes ironically, sometimes genuinely that you, normal citylivin gay, don’t normally have to deal with, because you left your hometown, built a new life for yourself.

Okay I know I don’t have to open twitter. But it is indicative of the media in general and plays out to a smaller extent on TV/papers. In fact I’m closing Twitter now because the speed this hashtag is getting tweeted at hurts my eyes.

You know what else I fear: I worry about a backlash. I worry that when this gets in – people will say “Oh you gays can now get married in Quaker meeting houses and in the temples of splinter Hindu groups, you guys have got it, gay issues are fixed. Stop bothering us about run away 12 year olds, homophobic bullying in schools, rates of depression and alcohol abuse. Look! here’s a picture of a gay couple getting married with matching poodles!”

Our champion liberals will have moved on elsewhere and we’ll be left on our tod, with a bunch of angry homophobes who lost the equal marriage law.

And those issues won’t be fixed. A tweet made this point kinda well:

[Someone take the girl on a date, twitter contact above, but you see the point.]

I know this is how it gets done. I know we need this debate to happen. And I know so many people – gay and straight – have fought so hard to get us here and yes thanks David Cameron, and I mean that, even though it’s probably a distraction from the economy. But please just get this goddamn law passed.

And let us get back to the slow task of making gay culture, leading gay lives, finding friends we don’t need to hide anything from and that eternal human struggle of finding someone who will love you and not break your heart.

Stop making Twitter hurt my eyes.