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Save our libraries… day of protest TODAY!

by Sticky Toffee Pudding

Books. Where would the world be without them? It is literally my DREAM to have my own library once I’m finally ready to jump on the property ladder. I couldn’t give a rats arse about the actual house, providing there is a room which I can turn into my own little Foyles (and who knows maybe the hot lady from behind the counter in the cafe will be there too).

Yes books are pretty important to me and I’m not the only one. Who doesn’t enjoy skimming the shelves in their local library, perusing over the unfamiliar titles, dipping into a fresh story. Particularly for the sapphic girl growing up perplexed by her obsession with the drab cotton blouses* of Mrs Wills books can offer those answers so desperately needed. As a child the library was one of the very few places** my authoritarian parents would allow my to go after school. Books offered me escapism. Growing up my library card wasn’t just a bit of plastic, it was a ticket to enter many a different world and it was my most prized possession. And a library is not just books. It’s a place to meet, to learn, to surf the internet for free!

One day this will all be mine… And maybe I'll even have my own Beauty to share it with.

So the news that the Tories are cutting back on funding to libraries, forcing hundreds of them to close up and down the country brings a deep-felt shudder to my heart. Society needs books. And the ability to access a service that offers them for free is a beautiful beautiful thing. One of the many beautiful things our new government seeks to snatch from our grasps like a lion praying upon a sleeping doe. And might I just add, a Kindle is NOT the same!

If you’re as pissed about this as I am (the libraries not the Kindle, although that also gets me pretty riled) head to your local library and join in one of the protests being organised across the country all throughout today. The Guardian have this interactive map for you to have a browse of what’s going on. To be honest the maps a bit pants but it does include a list.

For more information on the Save Our Libraries Campaign you can have a look at their website here.

*it’s what’s inside the blouse that counts
*read only