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Sweet lesbian Naval Officer kisses her girlfriend: DADT is dead

by Petit Fours

I guess I’d like to see them kiss for a bit longer, but it’s not about that, it’s about politics.

MSBNC posted an ADORABLE and politically-progressive video of a naval officer kissing her girlfriend as her ship gets back into dock. There’s some navy tradition where one sailor is picked out to get off-board first to get the first kiss. And what with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell being repealed in the American Army, it meant they could finally choose a gay to do the kissing. A really hot and noble one. The video where she talks about it is pretty sweet, though it’s still a bit of a drag how many slightly hostile questions they get. But I guess the more aw-aren’t-gays-sweet-stuff goes on American TV, the better right. I get a hunch the media are into this as well…. the photo opp seems pretty well documented. C’mon President Obama gay marriage next.

[photos MSBNC]

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