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Sweet lesbian Naval Officer kisses her girlfriend: DADT is dead

by Petit Fours

I guess I’d like to see them kiss for a bit longer, but it’s not about that, it’s about politics.

MSBNC posted an ADORABLE and politically-progressive video of a naval officer kissing her girlfriend as her ship gets back into dock. There’s some navy tradition where one sailor is picked out to get off-board first to get the first kiss. And what with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell being repealed in the American Army, it meant they could finally choose a gay to do the kissing. A really hot and noble one. The video where she talks about it is pretty sweet, though it’s still a bit of a drag how many slightly hostile questions they get. But I guess the more aw-aren’t-gays-sweet-stuff goes on American TV, the better right. I get a hunch the media are into this as well…. the photo opp seems pretty well documented. C’mon President Obama gay marriage next.

[photos MSBNC]

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3 thoughts on “Sweet lesbian Naval Officer kisses her girlfriend: DADT is dead”

  1. Stupendous! As a former service member I can’t fully express how elated I am to finally see this day come!

    I was so pleased to see & hear other sailors cheer and applaud them after their very brief & tactful kiss. Until I saw the video I didn’t know what the reaction from ‘the ship’ had been.

    I would like to add, though, that the repeal of DADT covers all uniformed services, not just the army and the women pictured above are Petty Officers (Non Commissioned Officers), i.e. not actually ‘officers.’

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