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The Week in Gay: DADT is over, Gareth Thomas on Ellen, OMG Elton’s baby, and more

by Cupcake

Good day to you, ladies! I hope you had a Happy Solstice and are revving up for a fantastical 2011! Now, let’s get started. My New Year’s resolution is to be more reliable, which means more gay news for you.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Don’t Closet Me I Am Heavily Armed:

DADT has been repealed. Hear that? Actually GONE. It wasn’t easy, Republicans filibustered the original defense spending bill till all come out, but then Senator Lieberman tabled a stand-alone bill…  and BAM! It was over. That is, it will be over in approx 50 days, given that President Obama can prove out homos in uniform won’t affect military readiness. In the meantime, people are being so so silly.

Blessed are ye who waste your time, freezing, to take away Spanish homosexuals’ rights, for you shall inherit numb toes:

The Pope took some time out of his super busy schedule to bless the attendants of an anti-marriage equality rally in Madrid. The event is an annual occurrence, with support from the Archdiocese of Madrid and the Spanish right-wing Popular Party.

Gay rugby:

Out rugby player Gareth Thomas talks with Ellen about his coming out:

You can get civil-partnered in Ireland now:

The Irish Republic’s civil partnership law came into effect on January 1st!

Marriage equality:

In the great state of New Hampshire, the National Organisation for Marriage, aka SPLC-verified hate group, is getting all set to repeal that nice marriage equality the gays have been enjoying since summer 2009. Meanwhile over at the The Economist, Freedom to Marry’s founder Evan Wolfson and NOM-founder Maggie Gallagher (a woman who makes me perennially uncomfortable) are debating the pros and cons of marriage equality. Why don’t you stop over, have a gander, maybe vote?


If you were gay before 1967 and got caught, you will no longer have a criminal record, says the Freedom Bill.

Because the world needs more orphans:

The Australian government will not intervene in a ruling giving religious foster agencies leave to bar gay couples from becoming carers. Gay couples can adopt, apparently, but the United Church is allowed to discriminate because even though the government says gays are fit to be parents, everyone just pretends the church knows better? What?

Look, I’m not an expert, but… um:

A former UKIP MEP (WHY does this make my brain hurt??) who is also a gay lady has taken party superiors to court and won. Appaz she was expelled from the party because she didn’t want to sit next to Lega Nord (admittedly, they seem to be douchebags) and then her boss called her “queer” to her face. Fantastic.

Like, such as, gays should have rights:

I kid, you guys, Miss New York is awesome. Not only is she a board member of NYC PFLAG, she plans to run for Miss America on an LGBT rights platform. Hello! How do we collectively feel about pageant queens? Does anyone wanna watch with me? It’s on the 15th!

Elton and David are daddies now:

Sir Elton John and his husband David Furnish have a baby named Zachary by a surrogate in California. Mazel tov!

Jerusalem Pride:

A guy who apparently intended to blow up/disrupt the Holy City’s pride parade in 2007 has been sentenced to six months of community service under a plea bargain.

Prop H8:

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals would like the California Supreme Court to clarify if the people defending Prop 8 in court are allowed to do so. Remember how Governator Schwarzenegger and former-Attorney-General-now-new-Governator Jerry Brown refused to defend Prop 8 against Mr Boies and Mr Olson (so much love in this sentence)? And then Protect Marriage dot com or whatever stepped in to defend the law? Yeah well, the question is, are they allowed to do that if the repeal of Prop 8 won’t hurt them and they have no proven interest in it etc.? And, importantly, do they have permission from California to defend this law? So that’s what we’re taking time out to figure out. This is important because if they (PM-dot-org) don’t have legal standing, the case is over and geighs get married but only in Cali. If they do, this baby will probs go all the way to the Supreme Court, where marriage equality could become a nation-wide, about-f***ing-time, very exciting thing. Get it? Got it? Good.