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The Week in Gay: Gay Asians, PrEP, and religion in the workplace

By Cupcake

The Most Cake’s weekly round-up of lesbian-ish/gay lady/queer grrrl news from around the world.

Sheryl Swoopes of the WNBA is a sexually fluid unicorn:

American basketball champ Sheryl Swoopes, who came out as gay a couple years ago, has announced that she is now engaged to a man. Coverage ranges from “who cares?” to some serious snarkiness, like someone on Queerty called her a “lie-sexual”, which is mean and bi-phobic. Let’s all just be happy for her!

Seriously, whatever gender is dating her is lucky

Who could possibly not heart gay Asians who want to adopt:

Gay couples from Asian backgrounds report that they still have a hard time adopting in the UK. Race and religion are officially not factored into decisions to match kids with parents, but apparently gay people from communities that are perceived as prejudiced or unaccepting of their lifestyle encounter more obstacles than straight parents.

This is what we call progress, this is what we call really loud music:

Keith Caputo of Life of Agony (that’s a metal band) has come out as MtF transgender. Whoo!

Her Wikipedia page has already been completely edited for pronouns

Civil partnerships in Jersey States:

You can get civil-partnered in the Jersey States as of Tuesday! Yay for gay Jerseyans! There’s one difference to the UK’s civil partnership law, which is that apparently this one has no provision for the performance of civil partnership ceremonies in religious buildings. But that will probably change quite soon.

Um, no:

Marcus Bachmann, quack psychologist and frankly swishy husband of Michele Bachmann, says he only performed ex-gay conversion quackery on his patients when they asked him to. Dan Savage would like to remind you that this type of therapy is recognized as harmful by every serious psychiatric and counseling body in the world.

Prolonged experiment in "reparative therapy"


The BBC visited Alex and Jose, the first gay couple to be legally wed in Argentina. At the time, they received a special permission from a judge. That was 18 months ago, and since then, gay marriage has been officially signed into law for all couples.

Equality vs equality:

Does anyone remember Ms Ladele, the Christian registrar lady from Islington who didn’t want to marry gay couples? She’s taking her case to the European Court for Human Rights along with a lady who wasn’t allowed to wear a cross at work and a relationship counselor who refused to talk to teh fags. A UK equality commission says that in their cases, equality law was interpreted too narrowly and they all deserve compensation. I don’t know about this, because to me it seems like a totally different thing that a BA air hostess wants to wear a necklace than if someone is actively incorporating their prejudice into their work while receiving a government salary. What do you think?


A daily dose of a combination of antiretroviral drugs seems to go a significant way in preventing HIV contraction in negative study subjects. This will be known as PrEP and is absolutely controversial.

New York continues its month-long streak of being awesome and, in my opinion, newsworthy:

Next Sunday, which is when you can officially be gay and married at the same time in New York State, Niagara Falls is gonna be illuminated to that it’s rainbow-coloured. Just for your gay-married honeymoon! How cool is that?

Niagara Falls is so gay