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The Week in Gay: HIV in the UK, lots going on in Cali, and Chaz Bono is on DWTS

By Cupcake

The Most Cake’s weekly round-up of lesbian-ish/gay lady/queer grrrl news from around the world.

Be prepared to be a phobe:

A lesbian mom in Virginia, US, got booted from her position as den mother on her son’s Boy Scouts troop.

Lesbian den mothers make tacos, just like heterosexual ones

Seroconversion by the sea:

Following a UK-wide trend, new research shows that HIV infection rates are up in Cornwall and Devon. Tell your gay boyfriends, and be safe y’all.

Drag and calamity:

A lesbian couple got married in Indonesia a few months ago, because one of them passed as a man at their wedding. Now the provincial Islamic police in Aceh, the only place in Indonesia where Sharia is implemented, have forced them to sign papers declaring their wedding null and agreeing to separate.

California Dreaming:

There’s so much going on in the sunshine state!

If California’s FAIR Education Act (which mandates LGBT history classes in public schools) is put to a public vote via ballot initiative, it will be repealed, according to the head of Equality California. The haterz are gathering signatures as we speak, because there is no such thing as gay people or events in history, ever.

Also, remember Prop 8, aka the reason you can’t get married in California? It’s still being challenged in court, but because no one in actual government will defend it, the folks who put it on the ballot have stepped in and are attempting to repeal Judge Walker’s ruling that the 2008 ballot measure was unconstitutional. The question is, are they allowed to do that? This is what will be discussed this coming week, just in time for new pro-equality Cali Supreme Court Judge Goodwin Liu to hear oral arguments.

ALSO, ‘Seth’s Law’, an anti-bullying policy for public schools, has been passed by the California Senate and just needs to be signed into law now. It’s named after Seth Walsh, who killed himself last year at the age of 13.

Seth Walsh

Manchester Pride, Reading Pride:


Justin Bieber:

The dude who stole your haircut thinks being gay is a choice, maybe. And that abortion is always wrong, always.

Out of Africa:

A former Ghanaian deputy minister wants gays to be charged with genocide for having sex that doesn’t make babies. Mostly, he just hasn’t thought the issue through, or maybe he has actually never a) had sex for pleasure b) masturbated c) satisfied a woman, because none of those make babies either.

And hey, the Ugandan health minister says HIV can be cured through prayer! Just so you know! (Note: HIV cannot be cured through prayer. Please practice safe sex and get tested.)

Mazel tov:

Chely Wright got married to Lauren Blitzer last week.

Two white dresses, fantastic hair


You guys! Chaz Bono is gonna be on Dancing With The Stars! Some people are so angry, and saying such, such terrible things, but it’s ok, Cher has her game face on. It’s gonna be awesome.

Lynch can do no wrong:

Jane Lynch’s biography ‘Happy Accidents’ is coming out. In it, she talks about her battles with alcohol and cough syrup abuse. Here’s a vid of her promoting her book in her Sue Sylvester character.