Posted March 15, 2010 by in SCENE

Cake snaps at Spank Me!, March 12th

by Lemon Tart

Friday was the launch of Spank Me! at On the Rocks on the Kingsland Road. Not an S&M night. No.

A couple of cakees and I had a pretty ace time at this. Not because it was a night with bells and whistles – no, this was a large dark space filled with sweaty bods, accessorised by a naked plastic doll only.

Nope – this was brilliant because the soundtrack was top of the range. Who needs gimmicks when MDMX, MUSICLOVEMAKERS and JoshYou Are played a set so gob-smackingly good I’m sure I danced more dodgy moves than’s healthy for the anyone who happened to catch sight of me. Apologies.

Anyway. Some snaps…

photographs by Holly Falconer