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Poll: Shabby’s webcam video – how does it make you feel?

by Petit Fours

I fancy Shabby, I do. I won’t tell you what I have to put up with because of this. The amount of polite though incredulous “well each to their own” comments, the “if you were 15 it would be one thing” line, and the not-so veiled references to my poontang and its preferences. I suffer for this crush. But we all have our weakness, and the London Shane is mine.

I mean, it’s not like I fancy Whitney on the Real L-word, I do have standards.

Anyway. The video above works for those of us mesmerised by Shabby Katchadourian, her shaggy locks, her Victorian urchin threads and her compelling ability to attract pootang. That would be me and Stoppickelingme08 . As she puts it on youtube:

“Oh my god . . . 1:16 . . . I think my heart exploded, what an intense stare! She has such a beautiful face <3″.

In fact that would seem to be me and most lesbians under the age of sixteen and a half. Okay I can’t be sure how old AmberCharlie98 is, but I just feel that she is under 16. (Bloody hope the 98 bit doesn’t mean she was like, born in ’98). Amber is driven to make illogical statements by her desire for Shabby Katchadourian:

“i love her. i need her. i want her. im gonna get her. ;) i would die, just to be with her. <333 i LOVE SHABBY.”

Everyone else may see this video as self indulgent emo posturing in front of a webcam: either a cry for poontang or social services. U GuYs R RONG.

But I will say it really reminds me of this…

What do you think gentle reader..?

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