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Friday Fancy : Things that are not the Royal Wedding

by Fairy Cake

Oh just sod off.

We are not going to talk about that thing that is happening today.  It is most likely, having clicked on this post, you are just as deathly bored of reading/hearing/seeing Photoshop mock-ups of it as I am.

Avert your eyes from the gaudy spectacle of two over-privalleged placeholders  celebrating how horrifically well-off they are.  Spend your bank holiday doing something better.  Here are some last minute suggestions :


1)  Go to Paris

Possibly a bit extravagant. BUT it’s really far away from London, has magnificent scenery, miles of galleries, and all of the women look like this :

(in my mind)

About 160 quid for a round trip.  If you can afford it, a jolly good idea.

More info : Eurostar website, A gay girl guide to Paris,  Info about museums and art galleries,


2)  Watch some queer cinema

The East End Film Festival is showing loads of great gay films.  It started yesterday, running all weekend, and includes lezzie flick ‘Break My Fall’, as well as intense rap-centric thriller ‘OffBeat’.  Read Petit Fours suggestions of what to see here.

More info : The official EEFF website


3)  Take some time to read up about next week’s A.V referredum

Don’t be distracted by all this Royalist guff.  If you haven’t ‘got to know’ about next week’s referendum on Alternative Vote, then why not educate yo’ bad self.  We have the opportunity to change a fundamental of British politics – yay for democracy!

More info : Info on the May 5th vote, read what all of the parties think about it, watch a really good video about it,


4) Find out how filthy you are

You dirty litter-spewwing carcass you.  The supreme Wellcome Collection is hosting a fascinating exhibition about dirt – exploring every possible angle on muck and grime.  It will certainly be a joy for your senses, and it’s totally free.  You might need a bath afterwards though.

More info : Visit the Wellcome Collection site


5) Run Riot

I mean, either literally run riot.  Or just visit the Roundhouse this evening where a bunch of art kooks will do it for you, with hula-hooping, theatre, animation, and lots of weirdos.  Tickets are £15, and if you get there early, you can get a free haircut.

More info : The Run Riot website.


6) Party to Popstarz

Everybody loves Popstarz.  If you fancy ending your Friday night as a damp, alcohol-swilling mess, look no further.  Expect infectious power pop, a wonderfully-diverse mad-for-it crowd, and affordable beverages.  Heinous.

More info : The Popstarz minisite


7)  If all else fails…

Drink so much that you neither know nor care what’s going on.  Done, and done.  Though make sure you get your booze early, as most places won’t be adhering to their usual opening hours.