Posted May 4, 2010 by in WE LIKE

News in brief vol. 1: More than 100 go wild at Malaysian lesbian party

by Devil’s Food Cake

I understand that lesbians are interesting and all, but I’m not sure I understand entirely the attraction we present to people outside our community. Over the time this website has been live, we’ve dealt with a number of ridiculous news items that focus mainly on the salacious assumptions people have about lesbians and then descend into… well, not much else.

On the scale of absolute weirdness, though, this has to figure pretty high. ‘More than 100 go wild at lesbian party’ – that’s a pretty tame headline.

Not sure how many of you have been to Malaysia, but it’s a place I call home, having lived there for nine or so years. Combine that with my obvious lady-loving habits, and we’ve got a problem – because there’s very little to do in KL by way of lesbian-related activity. And also because homosexuality is illegal (thanks go to Queen Victoria for that one).

Of course, the real questions here are clearly: what, when, why, where, who?