Posted July 22, 2009 by in WE LIKE

Shoot me now?

by Meringue

Picture the scene: me, aged 17, sat goggle-eyed in front of The Matrix. It would be an understatement to say I had forgotten the concept of breathing and almost weed myself right at the point a larger than life latex-clad Carrie Anne Moss filled the screen pointing a Beretta 84F in my general direction, before quipping her signature line, ‘Dodge this!’ Did I dodge? No, as far as I was concerned I was already blown away!


Guns and girls. We all knew it was only a matter of time until one of us with a slight tomboy tendency and unabashed fascination for on-screen gun-wielding heroines, would bring this topic to the surface. But how does one raise this subject without getting completely carried away and giving out the impression one has an underlying fetish for girls with guns? How indeed! Or rather, too late!

Although I would love to ramble on about all of my favourite gun-toting ladies, I would like to keep this a light-hearted matter and disregard any deeper meanings these crime-fighting femme fatales, or female empowered bad-asses may represent, rather preferring a fellow Cakette with more ‘fire’ to write about such issues. Now back to my ladies: You definitely can’t miss them, in a world where this genre is becoming ever more popular in the movie mainstream. Love to be them; love to love them!

For your ultimate viewing pleasure, here is a link to Total Films’ top 12 deadly girls with guns. Although I’m begrudging the fact that this list needs to be extended to include the delectable New Avenger’s Joanna Lumley and Alien-ass kicking Sigourney, I won’t moan too much seeing as the bloodthirsty temptress Kate Beckinsale and ultra-cool Milla are featured. Yum!