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Things Lesbians Like #2: Cats

by Devil’s Food Cake

The old rhyme goes: first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. According to my old flatmate, the lesbian version is more likely to go: first comes the drunk looks across the dancefloor, then comes the u-haul, then comes the cat. Moving swiftly along to another lesbian stereotype, this week we’ll look at the pussycat – pride and joy of any lesbian or lesbian couple worth their salt….

Now unlike the mullet thing – which just seems like a bit of a myth to me – the cat thing seems to be firmly rooted in fact. Two out of three lesbians I’ve spoken to about this agree that cats are awesome and superior to other pets and that they can’t wait to own one of their very own. To which I can only say: ew. Personally I really dislike the little things – not least because I’m utterly allergic to them, but also because the damn things are just so unloving (not like dogs – now there’s a pet you can love).


I get that I may just be overly emotional or whatever. I mean the things I don’t like about cats are probably the things that other people do like – like the fact that cats are independent and know how to survive on their own. Plus, even though they leave every night to hang out with their other kitty buddies and do whatever cats do, they’ll be back in the morning for feeding time.


NB. I think the case needs to be made for dogs as well. And I think Dita agrees with me.


What do you think of cats? Do you have one?